Protection and Grounding


Protection is important whether you do or not psychic work, obviously I am talking about psychic protection also called intuition protection or aura protection. You see I do believe we all have the ability to read/feel/sense the thoughts/actions/ideas of other people and (specially if not grounded) sometimes this can take too much ‘space’ in our lives and by that I mean that we can end up feeling depressed without knowing why, angry, weird, etc.. you name it… you know that strange feeling when you are sure that you are not yourself at that moment. One day or another we all have experienced something similar. And that’s when protection becomes so important. Once you have completed the grounding exercise just move onto doing the protection one described here after the picture.



It took me years to understand the importance of grounding, when people mostly psychics and he

alers were saying to me, Vir you need to be more grounded, I couldn’t understand what they were meaning exactly. And thought it probably wasn’t very important but as I started to read for more and more people I realised that they often would have been dealing a lot better with situations if it wasn’t for being ungrounded and totally disconnected from being here. (basically being ungrounded makes you loose touch with reality).
Have you ever had that feeling that you can’t focus on your studies or at work, can’t find anything you looking for be it your keys or the ‘important’ piece of paper you wrote on this morning. Well that is because you are not grounded enough. It is pretty bad when it start affecting relationships, when you are not grounded someone can be talking to you and saying one thing but you actually understand everything in a different manner because you are too disconnected and then of course nothing make sense. We all have the ability to become not grounded because of the lifestyles we are kind of pushed to live, work hard, play hard and therefore rush out of the reality.

pic of tree
When grounding yourself imagine you grow roots with the laser light, just like a tree, deep deep into the ground/earth.

Here, I am going to describe a technique recommended by a friend of mine, a great psychic lady too of how to do it in a very simple way.



Easy grounding exercise:

Start by standing straight and align your back in order for your chakras to be in one straight line. Then visual a white light entering the top your head (through your crown chakras) and moving to where you feel your soul Chakra is (now this differs with people some people feel it’s in their head others in their plexus and others in their base Chakra, just choose what seem right for you in doubt of where it could be do all the 3 of them and then eventually you will stick with one or just keep doing the 3, what matters it’s to do what feels right for you).

Ok so once you have found where your soul Chakra is just move the white light (while breathing in and out deeply) to where your soul Chakra is just see the white light moving to that place and breathe there a few seconds, when you feel that you have a good picture of your soul Chakra in that place just imagine that light separating in 2 laser lights shooting down from your soul Chakra into your body, into your legs and into/through your feet to penetrate the ground/earth as deep as you can go, imagine you are close to the earth central sun (not touching it!! You don’t want to burn, so you are parallel to it, but again not touching and seeing it from quite afar too). Once you are very deep into the earth imagine the laser lights attaching themselves like anchors going around a ‘imaginary branch’, few times around to tie themselves.
And say outloud: I am now completely grounded.
You can do it with open or closed eyes (closed works better for me) and you will feel when you open them that you are totally grounded.

And smile 🙂 because now that you are grounded you are ready to embrace life fully :))


Easy protection exercise:

Once you have completed your grounding exercise and you are smiling 🙂 simply imagine the white light growing everywhere into your body, now that you entire body is full of the white light imagine it growing around you to fill you aura (your aura is a field of about 1.50 meter around your body so 1.50 on top of your head, under your feet, from your back and from your front) and just see your entire aura being completely filled with the white light and when you feel you are in that bubble of white light just imagine an old fashioned color of pink around this bubble of white light, this is how you seal the protection around your protective bubble by visualising this pink color around the white light. And say I am now fully protected nothing negative can come to me only good can come to me and again smile :)) you are now fully grounded and protected.


Aura cleansing:

One thing I would recommend to do while you are doing the grounded exercise, is an aura cleansing by imagining while you are breathing out that anything negative in you is being released. It’s very easy breathe in only goodness, joy and happiness and breathe out anything you don’t want anymore such as anger, sadness, etc… and as you do breathe in feel the joy and the peace filling in your body, mind and soul :))

Visualisation really works and it is that simple, all and all the 3 exercises might only take 5 minutes of your time or less when you are very familiar with them but they will change your life for the better :))


Before you start to do any protection ritual, my view on how it should be done in terms of your thinking process at the time, is that it should be super light. Don’t focus to the point of giving yourself a headache, do it while smiling, trusting the universe that you are protected simply that you are emphasizing that protection, building up on it. I find that when we do it too seriously because we are scared of something or someone or of a situation or simply think we HAVE to be more protected, we tend to make a too heavy protection that sometimes can be almost difficult to do. While if we just do it by already knowing this is going to work for any situations we are in it will feel right and you will feel you can really enjoy yourself while doing it but also will truly enjoy your day as your mind will be a peace and focusing on the right positive things in your life.

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