Tarot Guidance & Healing

If you would like to use the tarot as a divination tool or for meditation, the best is to really feel a connection with the style of the cards you are going to be using. They are 1000 of Tarot Decks out there and as Tarot Collectors know well some of them can fetch a pretty high price. I have added and will keep adding samples of tarot cards on the ‘Samples of Tarot Decks’ pages. What I recommend you to do is to glance through them first quickly and write down which ones appeal to your attention at first, then meditate on the images to see what they ‘say’ to you. Take your time to decide. If you have enough time ahead of you look slowly at the different samples included here on the page and see which images ‘grasp’ your attention. If you need help finding a tarot deck for yourself just drop me a line but most importantly enjoy finding the right deck or decks and don’t worry about finding the perfect one, just trust you will find the one that is right for you now 🙂


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