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I have many years of experience in giving international readings on a part time basis first and enjoy doing it so much that I decided to go full time. To tune in with you I use tarot cards (Among others the Scapini desk a beautiful Medieval set of cards) as a support during the reading you will feel that I am connecting with you as I have words that will come in relation to you (ie: description of partner, of where you live, what you do, hair colour etc.) that assure you and me that I am totally linked in.

I always have my guides around and will sometimes get spirits from the light related to the person I am doing the reading for. However, this does not always happen as it is difficult for some spirits to come to a frequency where you can see/hear them. I usually found that as the readings gets going the attuning get very strong and the person will feel a warm energy surrounding them as messages come through.

I have travelled to many places and have done many things in my life in terms of work, relationships, spiritual development etc. all those help me in understanding and offering a positive guidance to people from all walks of life and all situations.

How it all started:

I was 6 years old and I woke up one morning and my bed was surrounded by a dozen of people. I was only 6, but I knew those people were spirits from all kind of background, some astrologers, doctors, alchemists, Saints, etc. From a very young age I use to follow my mum who loved having readings. Every time the readers use to tell me that I would become a medium. I started to read cards at about 10 years old. I was fascinated. I read poker cards at the time. And from then on, I have never stopped 🙂

I am clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient meaning I can see, hear and feel spirits, or if you prefer I am ultra sensitive 🙂 as there are many one definition out there of what are ‘psychic skills’. I do automatic writing/typing. I take readings to a very deep level where my guides not only will tell you what is likely to happen but they will also let you know what changes could be helpful. I am happy to explain more about the way I work at any time.

Psychic ability is available to all of us, we are all born with it, it is then our choice to listen, feel it and develop it :)) It all starts with loving and trusting yourself Xx

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